GET ORGANIZED! Free Printables

April 10, 2013

Spring has arrived! Kick start your organization projects with these fun and productive freebies.

4.10.13 Blog Printables

1. Kitchen Organizing Labels from WorldLabel; 2. Printable Action Plan Sets from Creature Comforts; 3. Pretty Paperwork for 2013 from the Pretty Blog; 4. More Organizing Labels from WorldLabel



HOW TO: Dress a Picture-Perfect BelleDangles

July 10, 2012

I recently attempted to make a cake out of a fancy dessert recipe book, and while I tried so hard to make it look as beautiful as the picture, it just didn’t turn out the same. We’ve had a few questions recently about how to dress your BelleDangles to look as great as ours, so we decided to gather our thoughts and share a few tips and tricks with you. Here are a few easy tips for a picture perfect BelleDangles that will take the cake!

It’s dress up time! First of all, your BelleDangles is going to look dazzling to you, because hey, it’s your jewelry and it reflects your style! Aside from that, there are a few ways to organize your collection that we’ve found not only to look spectacular, but are really functional too. Here are some of my favorite ways to dress a BelleDangles.


Longest in the middle, shortest on each side. Aesthetically, this look forms an even v-shape with your trinkets, bringing the focus to the center of the BelleDangles. It’s also very functional, because with your shortest necklaces on each side there’s more room for quickly grabbing earrings, bracelets and rings when you’re on the go.

I really love organizing my jewelry by color scheme too. It’s easy for me, because I have a lot of colorful pieces. Here’s what I suggest: try arranging your collection by shades. Put darker shades on one side, and lighter shades on the other. It looks stunning, and it also allows you to quickly see what pieces you have that will match your outfit for the day.

The BelleDangles earring bar is versatile enough that you can still get creative while fitting every dangle and stud you have. Depending on your style, and how many of each type of earring you have, you may want to do it differently. I’m an earring addict, so naturally I’m a pro at organizing my BelleDangles earring bar. My typical rule of thumb is to put your studs on the top bars, and your dangles on the bottom bars.

If you have more dangly dangles: If you’re like me, and have more dangle earrings than you do outfits to wear them with, I suggest doubling up your dangle pairs. By using one earring loop for one pair, you can fit a lot more on the BelleDangles, and possibly even have room for your studs on the top bar. I like putting my longest dangles to the back, and my shorter ones toward the front so I can see them and access them easy peasy.

If you have more studded sorts: If you have tons of studded earrings, the BelleDangles earring bar is still perfect for you. Normal sized studs fit together nicely on both top and bottom earring bars. I buy a ton of over-sized studs, so sometimes I alternate larger pairs with smaller studs. First of all, take your larger studs and pin them every other loop. Now, put all of your smaller studs in between the larger pieces. Smaller earrings fit perfectly in between – no wasted space, no loop unfilled, and easy access to it all.

Bracelets & Rings:

Don’t spend more than a second thinking about this one. Rings on top bar, bracelets on bottom. Least used toward the back, most used toward the front. I put bangles on one side of my BelleDangles, and chains and slinky bracelets (along with my watch) on the other. Done and done.

Now that you know how to dress your BelleDangles, we’d love to see how it turned out! Upload your photos to our Facebook page, or upload to Twitter or Instagram (& tag us #belledangles). If you have suggestions for others, or further questions about how to dress your BelleDangles, please leave us a comment below! We love hearing from you!

BelleDangles Participates in College Ad Design Program

When the “Best New Ad” opportunity came to us, we just couldn’t pass it up. After-all, before BelleDangles, I was once an advertising student. I even met my husband in our college’s student ad campaign project.

Best New Ad is a partnership between the education and business communities where companies assign projects to challenge students to create the ‘best new ad’. Students created a BelleDangles print ad and posted their submissions where they were viewed, rated, and shared with thousands of other students.

We were so impressed with the ads and really felt like these college students grasped the BelleDangles brand and our mission to reach women who could really benefit from jewelry and accessory organization.

Here is the winning ad and the 4 honorable mentions of the BelleDangles college ad design contest!

Congratulations to Kaitlin Nevels of Michigan State University who won the grand prize with her “Hot without the mess” ad. Kaitlin won $200 for creating the “Best New Ad”

We would also like to give an honorable mention to:

Lauren Barszewski from Michigan State University with her “Bejeweled” ad.
Erica Shekell from Michigan State University with her “Perfect for the day you wake up 10 minutes before class” ad.
Lauren Brajczewski from Columbia Collegewith her “Mona Lisa” ad.
Matt Gordon from Ohio State University with his “Organize. Look Beautiful” ad.

Thank you to all who participated!

Introducing The All New White BelleDangles Classic


Due to high customer demand, we are proud to announce the newest color option in our BelleDangles Jewelry Organizer product line! The Classic white jewelry organizer look amazing on any painted bedroom wall or white wall because it acts as a great backdrop to highlight the style and color of the jewelry you love.

I received mine a few nights ago and immediately put it up on my bedroom wall. I love how it looks like a beautiful piece of art and I couldn’t stop staring at it! My 5 year old son was sitting on the bed as I was organizing my jewelry and all of the sudden he said, “Oh mommy, I get it. You can see all of  your necklaces and jewelry and put it on really fast when you are getting ready!” I couldn’t believe he said that! We created and launched BelleDangles three years ago when he was only two and he must have just hit the age where he gets what I do! It was a very cute and proud moment for me.

So if my 5-year old gets it, think of the benefits BelleDangles can bring to you.

  • Enjoy organized tangle-free jewelry and accessories
  • Organize all your jewelry so it is all in one place – necklaces, rings, bracelets, stud and dangle earrings
  • View easily and accessorize in seconds each morning
  • Know what you have so you don’t buy similar jewelry over and over again
  • Enjoy a beautiful piece of art on your wall with the style you love shinning through!

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new white BelleDangles!

Hope you enjoy!

-Diana & Becca

BelleDangles Tips – Using “S” Hooks on Front Bar to Hang Your Necklaces

Try hanging your necklaces on “S” hooks (found at your local hardware store) on the front necklace bar of your Belledangles for fast access. You can also use the side bars to hang your necklaces if you’d prefer not to clasp and unclasp every time. Hope this helps!

If you have any tips on how you customize your Belledangles that you’d like to share with others, email them to and we’ll post it here for others to view.